The Right Breed?

Please take time to consider if the Cesky Terrier is the right breed to join your family.

The Cesky Terrier is not a typical terrier in temperament. If you are looking for a feisty, 'in your face' kind of dog, the Cesky Terrier is definitely not for you. However, if you are seeking an obedient, loyal and loving companion - but at the same time, fun-loving and with a sense of humour - the Cesky Terrier might just be the breed for you.
Cesky Terriers make wonderful pets. They are friendly, sociable dogs that adapt well to family life and get on well with children, other dogs and even cats. They will enjoy joining you on days out and holidays, where their good looks and friendly nature will attract a good deal of attention. They are intuitive and sensitive to their owners' moods. They will alert you to the presence of strangers by barking, but will welcome invited visitors quite happily as long as you are glad to see them too! However, they are by no means as feisty as many other terrier breeds, and can sometimes be wary of new situations. Bribing with food usually overcomes most fears!

Cesky Terriers are very intelligent, quick to learn and with excellent memories. You must be consistently firm with your Cesky Terrier, but never harsh. A Cesky Terrier does not respond well to shouting and blows, but a quiet insistence on obedience works wonders, particularly if you have a treat in your hand! Your Cesky Terrier will want to please you, so use lots of praise when he is doing as he is told.

Will there be someone at home for most of the time? Cesky Terriers can be noisy and destructive if they are bored or lonely. Are you prepared to spend time grooming your Cesky Terrier regularly? He will need clipping every six weeks or so, and regular attention to his furnishings if they are not to become matted. Even though he is a small dog he still needs regular exercise, some of which should be off the lead. Do you have the time and somewhere safe to run free? A well-fenced garden is important for house training a puppy.

Cesky Terriers don't need to eat a lot to put on weight! Feeding lots of extra titbits is unnecessary and unkind. A fat Cesky Terrier is not a happy Cesky Terrier. You can tell if your adult Cesky Terrier is the right weight by pressing lightly on his side; if you can just feel his ribs under the light pressure of your hands he is the right weight; if you can't, he is too fat. It is possible to make a Cesky Terrier too thin. The ribs should not be sticking out. Young puppies often carry some extra weight (puppy fat) that they will grow out of.

Are you sure that you want a puppy? Cesky Welfare was established to help those Cesky Terriers that have fallen on hard times, often through no fault of their own. Owning a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience for both of you. All a rescue dog wants is a second chance. Contact details for Welfare are on the Cesky Terrier Club website.

If you can offer a loving, permanent, home with consistent, firm but fair handling, good food (but not too much of it), regular exercise and your companionship during most of the day, then maybe a Cesky Terrier is for you....

Where to buy your puppy in the UK
Always buy your puppy directly from the breeder. The breeder should be your first port of call should you have any problems with your puppy. Many breeders offer an excellent after sales service, and will always be glad to hear of the progress of a puppy they have bred.

The main source of information about puppies in the UK is the Cesky Terrier Club. The Secretary keeps a list of puppies currently available from reputable breeders. You might like to visit a show and meet some of the breeders and their dogs - this is a good way of making sure that a Cesky Terrier is for you. Check that the sire and dam of the litter have up-to-date BVA/KC Eye Test Certificates. Health problems in Cesky Terriers are rare but even so reputable breeders will try to ensure that they are breeding healthy puppies from healthy parents.

You may find that you need to book a puppy some time in advance. There are very few litters born in a year in this country, as Cesky Terriers are quite uncommon. Use the waiting period wisely – join the breed club and get to know the breed and the breeders. Try to come along to a club show or a fun day.

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