Unlike most other breeds, it is comparatively easy to trace the pedigree of any Cesky Terrier. The development and early history of the breed is well documented.
Researching pedigrees is fascinating. We all like to know about the ancestors of our own dogs, and with the help of the Cesky Terrier Breed Archive this can be quite simple. Not only can you trace back the pedigree of your dog, but in many cases you can find photographs of his ancestors as well.

Trysk Lovu zdar and Cedro Bohemicus will be found in the extended pedigrees of all modern Cesky Terriers

Andra z Rastamoru (Sealyham) - used in the re-generation of the Cesky Terrier in 1984

By understanding pedigrees, and researching the virtues (and faults) of the ancestors of modern-day dogs, breeders can make informed decisions about the choice of stud dogs.

All owners and breeders are urged to add their dogs and litters to the database, so that it can be as comprehensive as possible.